Use Blur Background Photo Editor with Web browser.

See this image before using this tool:

How to blur image background steps

The time has gone when we use to hate pictures that were blurred out. Now, you can use these blurry effects in a number of different ways to make your picture look cool.

Who doesn’t want that DSLR type effect in their pictures? You can have it by just adding a blurred background to your image. It helps the viewers put their attention only to the person or thing there. Besides this, the photo looks far more attractive than it was before.

The easiest way to add a blurred background to the picture is by using a photo editor software. This software can help you in creating one of your best pictures. However, you need to learn some skills to work with them. But, once you are done with that learning you are a master in yourself.


There are different software for every operating system. When talking about PC users adobe photoshop was one of their best choices. It provides all the features that are required to get a nice photo.

But, as the price of the software is too high and it is becoming highly amateur, most photographers now rely on a simpler option. Fotophire is one of them.

The software is easy to use and comes in a decent price package. It can help you in removing the background, erasing objects from the pictures, maximizing in it and a lot more. Three of its main features are the photo editor, photo cutter and photo eraser. If you want to know how to use it to achieve that blur background image, keep on reading:

Method #1: Online Tool:

  1. Go to Homepage
  2. Upload the image
  3. Use effect tab and select blur effect

Method #2: Offline


Here is a quick go through on how you can blur the background of the picture:


Launch the fotophire software. You will see the main software page with different options.


Now, click on the photo focus option. It will take you to the new window.


Once, you are done with the above steps, go to the main menu and open the picture that you want.


On the right panel corner, you will find the custom blur feature. Click on it.


Once you have clicked on it, you will see that the entire picture has been blurred out. Select the paintbrush and selectively blur out the area that you want to be blurred.


After you are satisfied with the results just save it on your PC.

That’s it and you are done!

Blurring out the background with Fotophire is that easy. You just have to follow these simple steps and then you are done.


Photoshop is the next most used software for editing pictures. You can use it as well to blurring out backgrounds and adding filters to your pictures. But, the problem is that the process is a lot more complex then what we have told you before.

You need to have a basic understanding of photoshop if you want to use it as your photo editors. If you are a beginner then you must stick to something that is as easy as Fotophire.


There are a lot of different ways on how you can recreate your image. Photos with blur backgrounds are gaining a lot of more attention. Besides this, it makes your picture as they are shot by a professional camera and not by your casual mobile cameras.

You can use software to edit your images and add a blurred background. Some of the best options for PC users are Fotophire and photoshop. You can have a free trial of both of them to see which suits you best.