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A picture contains a thousand memories. From good to bad ones, all pictures tell us or remind us of a story. You wouldn't have so much of your memories memorized in your brain but a picture can bring back all those memories. Remember the beach trip you took when you were seven? OfCourse you don’t! However, if you still have pictures of that day, then your memories are locked in forever. Maybe you have pictures with someone whom you have lost, or maybe you never want to forget an event, a collage of all these pictures will do justice to your memories. It is a template designed to fit in multiple pictures in one frame. To find out more about collage makers, keep on reading!  

1- Types of Collage Makers  

Even when the purpose of all Photo collage makers remains the same, I.e. combining all your desired pictures in one frame, there are still many types of collage makers. Some are free and some only have a few features you can have free access to. Some collage makers just simply join pictures together. A few have additional features of adding cool stickers, frames, and templates to them. Some collage makers allow the addition of videos in these collages. Then comes the ones everyone prefers, the ones which have editing features, applying filters, different orientations, etc.  

2- Birthday Collages  

Birthday collages are the most popular colleges when it comes to collage styles. A lot of people would want to combine photos with or of their loved ones to remind them of every good memory they had together, on their birthdays. It is a very delightful way to show someone how special they are in your life. To remind them of how many memories they have shared together and will continue to share. In a few free collage makers, birthday collages come as a completely different option with different frames, templates and editing features. However, you could still incorporate birthday templates and stickers in your regular collage makers.  

3- Event Collages  

Either it’s a wedding, or it’s a festival, nowadays there is no one left behind who don’t take any pictures. You make memories during these occasions that you do not want to forget. However, you might end up losing these precious memories with time as you clean your phone space. The best solution to this issue is creating a collage or maybe multiple collages of these pictures to save them from being lost.  

4- Best Free Collage Makers  

Below are mentioned a few best free collage makers that will help you create amazing collages: 

Final Words!!

Memories should never be lost, they should be kept safe in the form of gifts, pictures, scents, and anything that reminds you of something significant. Picture memories, however, are everyone’s favorite since they capture a story, an entire event and a beautiful or an important day, one you would want to see when you’re old. So, go on, save your phone space by creating a wonderful collage and lock in all your memories!  


Online collage maker is photo editor tool to create intresting grid and movies from images only.