Image Cropper

1. Upload an image
Select an image from your device
Upload an image
2. Resize your image
Resize the image by Mouse
3. View Image

Use Photo Cropper with Web browser.

Like me, you also want to edit and crop the image without losing its quality. My experience led me to choose Image cropper every time for this task. It is an online tool that gives you the opportunity to perform a different operation with the image, such as resizing, cropping, compressing, converting and all other basic operations. It is fast and easy to use and it is free of cost.

How to resize pixels of Image?

Follow these steps to resize image pixels:

  1. Select and upload the image to be resized.
  2. Use the custom resize option, select resize your image section.
  3. Enter the desired size for the image, and set OK.
  4. Your image will be resized, now download it & enjoy.

Use Full Online photoshop tool to access all the image editing tools.

How to reduce kb of Image?

Follow these steps to reduced image Kbs:

  1. Select and upload the image to be resized.
  2. Use the custom file size, select the quality and format section.
  3. Choose a size of your file in Kbs or Mbs.
  4. Size of image is converted according to the desired size, download it & Enjoy J

How to crop an Image?

Follow these steps to crop the image:

  1. Select and upload the image to crop.
  2. Click on the crop icon and adjust your image.
  3. You can also select the ratio through the control panel.
  4. Or draw a rectangle to crop a specific portion of the image through the mouse.
  5. Now, click Apply and OK.
  6. Your Image will be cropped, now download it & enjoy J

Features that makes Image cropper different from other online tools

  1. Easily Image Resizing without pixel distortion

When you upload the image to change its size then this online tool provides the exact percentage of pixels and set the dimensions without destroying the pixels. It means the quality of the image remains the same.

  1. Easy editing, with all basic operations

After uploading the image, you are free hand to edit your image. All basic operation can easily be done through this online tool such as cropping, horizontal flip, vertical flip, image rotation and so on. If you want better cropping ratio then maintain it between1:1 or 16:9 for better results. This task helps you to remove the copyright issues of a particular image.

  1. Image compression and decompression

You need image compression and decompression when the size is incompatible while uploading the image to any server or social media account. You can do all basic compression and decompression with this online tool. You can use the PNG or JPEG compressor to reduce the size of an image without disturbing the quality of the image. You can easily change the size form kbs to Mbs. Simply select the file size, enter target file size and press enter.

  1. Image conversions

Some platforms need the image in their specific format like PNG, Jpeg, jpg, and so on. If your image is incompatible according to the required format then this tool will sort out your problem. You can convert any type of image to the jpg, png and all other formats without affecting its quality. You are freehand to use the advanced features of this tool without any cost.